About Nurtureworks

Nicole’s business Nurture Works evolved in 2009 and is built on the philosophy that nurturing self is essential

Nurture Works spreads the message  ‘Nurture yourself. Make it your daily practice.’ 

Nurture Works provides a range of  nurturing opportunities including:

  • ‘The  Namaste Yoga Circles’ that facilitate self-nurture practices and an extension of this is:-
  • ‘Namaste Bali’ Yoga Holidays 

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Nurturing Services

  • Nurturing ‘Namaste’ Yoga Circles                              
  • Individual/Private  Yoga classes       
  • Feeling Good Program      
  • Yoga and Spiritual Holidays–In Australia and Bali (Namaste Bali)       
  • Spiritual and Community Event Management 


 Nurturing Beliefs 

By nurturing and loving ourselves, we ignite an inner light that radiates from us and nourishes those we love, our community and ultimately our planet. 

  • Keep everything simple                    
  • Share  knowledge                
  • Have a nurturing  intention, a resolve 
  • Connect with self, listen to and trust your body
  • Be open to new approaches                                     
  • Believe in progress not perfection
  • Smile and practice gratitude 
  • Practice ‘feeling good’

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