‘Amazing! It has been the catalyst for change in my life- not just my professional life but in all aspects – nourishing my body with good food and loving myself. Thank you’ 

‘Uplifting, sensational, fun’

‘I came depleted and I have left topped up with my cup runneth over!’

‘Namaste Bali was an incredibly enriching  experience. Culturally, spiritually and physically I was uplifted. The knowledge Nicole has is intricate and deep and provided an outstanding retreat. I wanted for nothing.’

‘A potpourri of fun, laughter, mindfulness, healthfulness and love’

‘I feel so grateful for all the wonderful experiences that these retreats have exposed me to. Thank you , Thankyou, Thankyou.’

‘Deep, cultural and immersing with spirituality.’

‘An amazing experience! Nicole immerses you in such a fabulous cultural experience…… I have no idea how Nicole can improve on perfection!’

Absolutely wonderful! Loved every minute of it!’

Namaste Bali 2016


Some words from the 2016 participants that describe Namaste Bali.

‘total immersion into a truly authentic experience. A week full of love, laughter and immense joy’
‘Wow. Life changing’
‘splendid indulgance of mind and body. An exquisite experience’
‘Absolutely excellent’
‘Spiritual. Empowering. Fun. Love’
‘Enlightening. Made me feel a better person’
‘Exceeded our expectations. What an amazing week’
‘It has been a heart and soul opening experience that cannot be forgotten’

‘I have decided that I would like to book in for next year Namaste Bali 2017 – the health and energy(energetic clearing) through the combination of Nicole Turner-Butler’s Yoga and Guru Made Sumantra Yoga, plus visiting the amazing temples and receiving those blessing, plus healing Massages, wonderful fresh food and a Healing from Guru Made Sumantra when combined have been very special.

I feel like its a MUST for my health to look forward to! I feel all the clearing that we did had a profound effect- budging some stuck energy for me, and maybe a flow on effect for some of my clients judging by some activity that occurred this week.

Just wanted to share my excitement ! Namaste to all you beautiful women, plus Nicole Turner-Butler for introducing me to Bali in the most tasteful, spiritual, fun and healthy way (with a few cocktails thrown in and a lot of laughing) I will be eternally grateful…Namaste to all of you My Heart is smiling at all xx’

Christine Strauss




I recommend this retreat to everyone Nicole is the most nurturing and caring person and she really puts a lot of time and effort into making this retreat special for all the that go and the Art villa is Divine            Leanne Jeffries


My partner and I went at the last minute to this year’s retreat. Time and money poor, we are now richer than ever after our amazing experiences on many levels. Not just Nicole and Guru Made Sumantra’s beautiful yoga classes but other experiences we would not have had the opportunity for if it weren’t for Nicole’s knowledge and contacts of/with Balinese culture, people and places. We have been truly blessed! Jennie Gray

Just imagine….no cooking, washing, cleaning, organising….. Beautiful accommodation, loving care from a Balinese family, new friends, laughter and the best fun you’ll ever have, the magic and nurturing of Nicole’s facilitating, a real taste of Balinese culture, amazing food, affordable indulgences- massage, reflexology etc and of course yoga! I can’t wait to do it again!!  Kerrie Kitchener


The peace and serenity were mixed with great company, lots of laughter, an authentic window into Balinese spirituality and culture all perfectly choreographed by Nicole, Wayan and Guru Made. It was a very special week. Linden Wood


Fun, fun, fun and great yoga too! Nicole is an excellent teacher and guide. Lots of laughter too ?                                                                      Jo D’Aquino


‘I’m in my early 40’s and I can not remember a time I have laughed so much on our beautiful tours through Bali. Nicole is a gem to be treasured. And I haven’t even got to the yoga the food the accommodation the sense of care n safety the spiritual experiences the beautiful friendships … I was afraid n in doubt. I took the leap.n flew … thinking I might do it again actually’                                                               Siobhan Mc Keon Willmott

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